Steve said:

> My previous experience with DDS-2 was very unhappy -- too much 
maintenance, too much downtime, too many ever-changing recommendations 
about what brand of media to use, etc.

>...(The only single-tape solution in my price range is VXA, which sounds 
very nice, but there is NO WAY I will go with a new, single-vendor 

Too bad you are dead set against the VXA, since it is an excellent 
solution for the problems you mention above. With the discounted eval 
offer Ecrix is offering, you really can't get a better value for the 
money right now. Yes, you are limited to the manufacturer (currently) for 
media, but most of us buy tapes infrequently and well in advance anyway, 
plus this certainly address the problem of choosing media brands...

We have been putting a VXA drive through the ringer for several weeks 
now, and I have been very impressed with the performance and robust 
construction of the drive. The packet technology pioneered by VXA not 
only is much more reliable than "regular" tape storage protocols, but 
represents a much-needed advancement in what has been stagnant technology 
for many years.

Trying something new involves a certain amount of risk, but did that stop 
you from buying an iMac?

Just my opinion - no commercial interest in Ecrix, etc.


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