Yes, that works like a charm-thanks Craig.

Looks like the cause of the original problem (of having a possibly 
corrupted file that RS thought was ok) had to do with SCSI voodoo. 
Changed the chain around (VXA now last) and things now appear to be 
much better.

The additional symptom was that the VXA drive was not getting all of 
it's commands and was sitting in an unusual mode (LED's 3 and 4 on 
green always). Ecrix tech support was not of great use, suggesting 
that I buy a SCSI card and put only the VXA on it. I'm sure that 
would work, but things ought to work without that added expense. They 
do now.

>  > How does one force a single file to get backed up that RS thinks is
>>  already backed up?
>One way:
>Launch Retrospect
>Select your source and destination volumes if they're not already selected
>Click Options
>Click More Choices
>Click Matching
>Uncheck "Match source volumes to catalog"
>Click OK
>Now, just select the file you want to back up by clicking on Preview.
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