I've encountered the following behavior on several occasions in the 
past and just wondering what might be going on. Since I'm able to 
work around the problem it's not critical, just more of an observed 

Yesterday one of my users managed to trash her Mac's boot partition 
sufficiently that diagnostic tools weren't having a lot of luck. I 
decided that I would just restore the drive from a backup made 
earlier in the week.

To prepare, I booted from an external hard drive with a copy of 
Retrospect Client (4.2A) installed, verified that the partition was 
HFS+ and 1024MB in size then erased the partition using the Finder's 
Erase Disk command (set to HFS+ format).

 From the Retrospect Server I set up to do an immediate restore to 
entire disk to the newly erased partition. However, after Retrospect 
went through the process of identifying the files that needed to be 
restored, it told me that the 1.22GB of files was 196MB too much. 
Having encountered this problem before, I manually unselected enough 
items to get below the "limit" then proceeded with the restore. Once 
that was done, I went through the restore to entire disk process 
again. This time after identifying the files that needed to still be 
restored (basically the ones that I unselected on the first pass), it 
said that the disk would have 4M free after restoring. After 
restoring those files, all files that were part of that particular 
snapshot had been successfully restored to the partition. Just to be 
sure, I went through the restore to entire disk one more time. When 
it got to the file identification stage, Retrospect indicated that no 
additional files to be restored since all the files were already on 
the destination partition. After the final restore, the amount of 
data on the partition was less than 850MB.

My question is why is Retrospect incorrectly reporting/calculating 
the space requirement of the data during the restore process? It 
appeared to correctly calculate the amount of data (~840MB) when I 
did a test backup of the newly restored partition.

The Server is a PowerMac G3 b&w, 128MB RAM, Mac OS 9.0.4, Retrospect 
4.2. The client is a PowerMac G3 beige, 192MB RAM, Mac OS 8.5.1, 
Client 4.2A. Back up was to a DLT4000 drive.

I've had this happen to me on other occasions involving other 
PowerMacs, earlier versions of Retrospect (4.0 and 4.1 if memory 
servers), and/or while doing local backups to a Mac file set. In 
almost all cases I could work around the problem by doing multi-pass 
restores, or in one case restoring to a larger drive then using 
Retrospect to duplicate the restore data to the proper drive.


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