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I'd probably go DDS-4, then buy a second DDS-4 unit when needed, as you add more clients. Retro intelligently uses chained tape drives, writing to one, then the other. Use an incremental backup process.

Recent previous Retro talks had discussions of relative merits of various types of backup drive units, too. Check the archive.


    From:   Adrian Smith
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    Hi all,
            I am brand new to this list and I have looking for some

    I have been using Retrospect for a while on my home computers to
    back-up to CD-RWs. After a particularly close shave with a crashed
    hard disk this week my supervisor has decided that we need to get a
    backup system running for our lab. (We have been trying to get
    something organised on an Institute wide basis for a while but it has
    proven too difficult to get full cooperation). We currently have 5
    Macs (total hard disk space ~30GB) that would we would like to backup
    each night. The setup we are looking at would be the following...

    * DAT Tape drive - DDS3 or DDS4 attached to a PowerMac 7300, probably
    Sony (or LaCie which I think uses a Sony mechanism), no particular
    reason to go with Sony.
    * Retrospect 4.3 with clients on each of the Macs.

    After the intial backup there will not be a huge amount of change
    from day to day as we will not be backing up our raw data files as
    they live on the UNIX server (which is already effectively covered -
    by law our raw data has to be accessible for at least 10 years).

    Ideally we would like the system to be scalable so that when the rest
    of the Institute realises how important it is they can be added
    later. This would mean approximately 5-10 fold more machines. I
    suspect that for the maximum number here we would probably want a
    larger capacity drive? Or could we just add a second DAT drive and
    split the backups into 2 groups? How would Retrospect handle that?

    Any general comments would be welcome, especially with regards to
    tape drives (I have never used one before).

    Adrian Smith

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