While we have been successful in eliminating most of the problem 
backup computers, we are still struggling with a few more.  In 
particular, if a backup computer slows to a crawl (as one last did) 
then the backup nevers finishes overnight.  For example, one of our 
problem Macs started backing up at 10:56 PM last night, and it has 
only copied 47 Mb at 9:30 AM this morning!

My feature request would be to have a "skip" client option along with 
the "pause" and "stop" options so that either you could manually skip 
a client, or even better, set a parameter to skip a client if the 
backup on that client has exceeded "X" minutes/hours.

Any likelihood of this being implemented?


Jeffry C. Nichols, PhD
Instructor/Lab Coordinator
Rice University
Biochemistry Department
Houston, Texas

Phone:  713-348-2660

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