>Steve, Luke
>>On G4s, we have M2 customers sustaining a solid 11.8MB/second uncompressed
>>with Retrospect!  That's approx 700MB/minute.  This is a local speed and the
>>disk drives are SCSI RAID 0.
>>At $4,095.00, it may or may not be for everyone.
>I am interested to know who the drives you use are manufactured by. 
>I assume the mechanisms are all from Exabyte, but do they provide a 
>complete external unit?

They make a full line of internal and external drives with every 
variation of SCSI, multi tape loaders, etc.  They also make their own 
line of media which they guarantee against failure when used in their 
drives - if it fails, send them the tape and they will recover the 
data and send it back to you at no charge.  They are the industrial 
strength solution and priced to match.
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