On dual-boot Windows systems, you have to install the Windows client
software twicečonce for each operating system. You may install the client
either into the same directory under each operating system or into a
different directory for each operating system; neither choice has an impact
on the performance of the client. Each installation of the client updates
the registry information accordingly. The registry in each operating system
contains unique entries for each client installation, regardless of whether
the client was installed into the same or different directories.

In order to ensure that the backup computer will find this client computer
regardless of the active operating system, you need to activate the client
under each operating system. The same IP address, client name, security code
must be used for each activation. After activating the client under the
first operating system, you will need to forget the client out of the Client
Database, reboot the client into the second operating system and then
activate it again. Once the client is activated under both operating systems
identically, the backup computer will be able to recognize the client booted
under either operating system.


on 8/24/00 2:47 PM, Adam Hill at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Is there a way to get the Retrospect server to recognize that in a Dual Boot
> configuration, each Retrospect client is NOT a *different* client?
> I don't have a problem with burning two client licenses, I just want to have
> my backup run exactly the same in Win98 and Win2K, whatever OS I happen to
> be in when 7:00PM rolls around. All drives are visible on both and have the
> same drive letter.
> thanks,
> adam...
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