I had been using a APS HyperDAT Pro IV ( a Ultra Wide SCSI device with a
SONY DT-1000 mechanism) with retrospect 5.11 on an NT 4.0 SP6 machine for
about 9 months time with no problems at all.
Unfortunately the drive "died" chewing a tape in the process. APS is
replacing the drive under warranty, but in the meantime , since I needed to
urgently restore files, APS let me buy a new HyperDAT Pro IV LVD , that I
can return in under 30 days for full credit.

This device is a Ultra Wide LVD SCSI with a Sony DT-11000 mechanism. I am
using it with an Adaptec Ultra160 SCSI card ( designed specifically for LVD
devices, so it is a perfect match).

Unfortunately every time I backup and restore with Retrospect 5.11 I get a
-205 "lost communication with device" after 200-500M of transfer.

I even moved the card and DAT drive to a completely different NT machine ,
but with the same results. Does anyone else have problems/success with this
DAT drive.


Andrew Cunningham
Vibro-Acoustic Sciences Inc

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