(I have updated this note to include another vendor/product)

Native FireWire on tape drives?...not yet but here are some other solutions:

Orange Micro and Ratoc Systems have both introduced FireWire/SCSI adapters
that allow a single SCSI device to be connected to IEEE 1349 (FireWire).

These are all inexpensive, very new and therefore relatively untried but
would seem to be the best avenues to explore.

The Orange Micro product (Orange Converter) is narrow FastSCSI only (up to 10MB/s) and 
lists for $99.
Microtech offer (what appears to be) the same product as "Microtech FireSCSI Xpress 
This product has an "circa 1986" system SCSI connector - female DB25.

The RATOC product is narrow UltraSCSI (up to 20MB/s) and has dual FireWire ports for 
$89 list
but won't be available until November.
This product has a female 50-pin compact SCSI connector.

Neither device claims to allow booting from SCSI devices.
Only one SCSI device can be attached to each adapter but several adapters
can be linked on a single FireWire chain.




Douglas K Wyman
Houston TX

>Has anybody heard of a Firewire DAT drive. IOW, a DAT that could be used from a Mac 
>G4 Cube?
>Ken  G i l l e t t
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