I am suffering probably the perfect example of Murphy's law as it applies to

- hard disk completely fails ( becomes invisible to the OS and all disk

- one day before this, our APS HyperDAT Pro has failed, first chewing a
tape, then ends up with another tape stuck permanently in the drive ( at
least the drive was under warranty , by 10 days).

- Trying to restore (using an overnighted replacement HyperDAT Pro drive)
from the last good backup gives a -205 error, with a complete lock-up of
RetroSpect and  SCSI bus requiring a reboot, making me really popular with
my users.

- Assuming the -205 error + SCSI lockup indicates a SCSI issue ( since the
replacement is SCSI LVD) I try various SCSI hoodoo measures ( new cable, new
card etc), but finally discover that it is due to some kind of tape error. I
still find this a bit perplexing that a bad tape can cause a complete  and
irrecoverable SCSI lockup.

- So finally I was able to recover one complete backup from the backup set
one earlier than the problematic one above.
I can still recover some files from a newer backup set "as required", as
long as I steer clear of the bad tape area. ( trial and error)

My question is this...

Is there any way in Retrospect to ask

"Show me all the files in Backup Set A[006] (i.e.bad tapes) that are newer
than the files in Backup Set B[004] (good tapes)", so I know what files are



Andrew Cunningham
Vibro-Acoustic Sciences Inc

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