At 9:26 AM +0100 on 00/08/29, Karen Briggs wrote:

>Having just inherited a department's computer system running 
>Retrospect 4.2 and knowing very little about it, I have walked in 
>this morning to find the warning message:  Platform Macintosh not 
>recognised - OK.  I have checked the log and all seems to be OK. 
>There were not other applications running at the time so I am 
>wondering what it is trying to tell me.  Any ideas would be 
>gratefully received.

I've seen the same thing - coming from the SETI@home client; nothing 
to do with Retrospect. Although when running on the same machine, 
it'll of course affect Retro's performance. :)

Anybody know what the message means or what can be done about it? 
I've run SETI@home for awhile, but only seen it since yesterday when 
installing on two new machines. I'm using V2.04, on older machines as 
well, and haven't seen the message there. The rest of the message 
seems to indicate that the client will stay in "test mode" until the 
problem is fixed...

- Marc

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