Hello All,

He is what is happening.  I had a 2940U2W that powered my two LVD hard
drives and a DDS4 Dat drive.  Performance was great.  Backup ran at around
250 meg/min.  All termination was done with active terminators connected to
the cables.

I have since changed to the Adaptec 39160.  On channel A I have a HP 9210
CRW.  Channel B has 2 IBM LVD drives and the DDS4 Dat drive.  Performance on
the hard drives is fine.  Dat drive now backs up at 30 meg/min.

I have installed the most current drives from the adaptec site for Win 2000.

What is going on.  Adaptec has no idea??  Is this something to do with

System Specs
Windows 2000 Pro
PIII 600
384 Ram
Two 9 Gig IBM Hard Drives LVD
Diamond 770 Video Card
Adaptec 39160 SCSI Card
Backup Software - RetroSpect


Adam Cohen

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