If this info about a 16MB catalog is true, then why are my catalogs 
34MB for a 2 tape VXA set archive (that I will be letting grow 
indefinitely), and 25MB for a new single tape VXA set (using 
compression) on a hfs+ formatted drive? Or is this specific to a 
backup to a single file, and not to a tape? Are catalogs for tape 
backups handled differently, or is there some built in limit on them 

Jim Coefield

>Subject: Re: 16 MB catalog limit in 4.3
>From: "Eric Ullman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 10:07:25 -0700
>Stewart is correct. A file backup set's catalog is stored in the file's
>resource fork, which cannot grow past 16 MB in size. This issue is covered
>in the 4.3 Read Me and Retrospect Help.
>Solving this problem requires *significant* changes to Retrospect's backup
>set architecture--it's not a simple matter. We are working to address this
>issue with a future release.
>In the meantime, the Retrospect Help file suggests the following
>o  Perform a recycle backup to the file backup set, which
>    clears the catalog and starts anew. (Backed-up data in
>    the set is removed.)
>o  Perform a new media backup to the file backup set, which
>    creates a new, empty file with an empty catalog. (The
>    old file is left intact with its backed-up data.)
>o  Do not try to copy so many files or volumes to the file
>    backup set. Consider creating separate backup sets for
>    different volumes.
>o  Stop using file backup sets and instead use CDs, disks,
>    or tapes. You may transfer backed-up data in file backup
>    sets to other kinds of backup sets.
>o  Leave the catalog compression option on (it is on by
>    default) to help keep down the size of catalogs.
>I hope this helps.
>Eric Ullman
>Dantz Development

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