I'm a bit confused here. You mean to tell me that Retrospect _client_ 
will cause dialups?   Strange that I have not had that problem at all 
with either of the laptops that I've had, and I do have dial on 
demand checked on both.

Now, if the server looks for a machine, I can see that waking up the 
port and dialing.

Plus, instead of disabling the client all together, doesn't just 
disabling the client in the control panel work?


ps. I suppose I should go back and read the original discussion, but 
to put it simply, I'm too Lazy...errr, I mean busy...   :)

>This thread is a bit old, but...
>>Ken Gillett wrote:
>>>  But I still maintain that NO software should cause unrequested
>>>  dialups, I'm sorry if you don't agree. I don't accept that it is
>>>  beyond the realms of possibility to only perform such checks if it
>>>  doesn't cause a dialup.
>>Peter S., the IPNR author, gets this type of bashing on his list all the
>>time. His answer, and I assume it's true, is that a program can't tell
>>if it's on a dial up connection. The OT code hides this from you. This
>>causes a lot of support headaches for him as many of the problems are in
>>the dialing, and he has no control over when and how that's happening.
>This has got to be rubbish - just go to Eudora's preferences under 
>"Internet Dial-up"!  There is a check box marked
>"Don't check mail automatically if my Internet Dial-up software 
>isn't already connected"
>Dantz needs the same check box on it's client software
>"Don't check the network connection if my Internet Dial-up software 
>isn't already connected"
>This would work beautifully!  I am heartily sick of the delays 
>caused by automated dial-ups every hour!
>I hear your comments Matthew Tevenan, but there is simply no good 
>reason why Retrospect couldn't behave in this manner!
>My problem with your location manager suggestion is that often I 
>want to use my machine "on the road", and use location manager to 
>switch locations WITHOUT rebooting to install/deinstall the 
>Retrospect Client!

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