The the answer to the following FAQ from the Dantz website confuses me. I 
need to do a regular-style backup, not a disk copy, but the program won't 
let me select the hard disk as a destination. Surely, many people must 
doing this by now in the era of cheap hard disks. Can anyone help, or is 
this impossible at this time with Retrospect?

Thanks, Patrick


Can Retrospect and Retrospect Express for the Macintosh back up to a hard 


If all of your data will fit on a single hard disk, you can use the 
duplicate operation to copy your data in Finder format from one volume to 

All versions of Retrospect and Retrospect Express 4.3 or later will allow 
you to write data using a File Backup Set. 

File Backup Sets larger than 2 gigs must be saved to MacOS Extended 
volume running MacOS 9.x


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