I have a G3 running 8.6 and backing up happily to a 4GB DAT. It sent
emails every day using the supplied script to kMainGroup to report
backup success or otherwise.

We upgraded to 4.3 a few months ago.  Around the same time (but I
can't say exactly when) we stopped getting the usual messages that go
to Main Group.  Media request messages get through OK so I am
confident it is not the setup of the email client etc (Claris Emailer

We did not change any of the definitions of the groups such as
kMainGroup.  Any idea why the main group messages don't appear to be
getting sent anymore?  Does 4.3 still trigger the same event?  At
another site we have not seen any problem with an identical setup.

Any pointers would be useful as we rely on the daily messages to make
sure that the backups are OK.


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