Title: Re: Retrospect in Mac OS on OS X
What I do is log into the Mac OS X box using the chooser and with keychains, get it to remember the password. In that way, Retrospect will automatically log on and will still be connected when finished but this will disconnect when you turn off your machine. I have found this the easiest method.

For backing up mail and osx prefs, you may need to use the terminal. Just log in and you may want to switch to SU to gain all the privs for the backup. Then use the command

tar -cvf library.tar library

As long as you are in your directory, this will backup the library directory. You can do the same for mail and this will keep all your access rights. Then since the backup files are in the same directory, using filesharing, your should be able to get retospect to back these up.

I made the mistake of tar'ing the documents folder. this is a big no no as I found out. You strip out all the resource forks and therefore loose all the icons and well, renders some of the files useless and others, you can no longer double click on them.

Hope this helps


On Saturday, October 21, 2000, at 12:34 AM, Forbes Benning wrote:

> Has anyone gotten Retrospect to see the MacOS running in OS X?

> When the test the IP address from the Retrospect server, it 'sees' the
> machine. However, when I try to connect to it directly for backups, it does
> not see it.

> Is there a workaround?

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