>> Now, take what we know about backup software architecture, and use that
>> knowledge and experience to create a brand new product. This new version of
>> Retrospect would look like the current product, but the architecture would
>> be significantly improved. This is how Retrospect for Windows was built.
> One thing, which I forgot to mention...
> It is our intention to bring the new architecture to the Mac product line.

One thing that I've always appreciated with Dantz, that was not true with
some other companies' backup architecture changes -- Dantz is still
concerned about backup performance in new versions.  Another backup product
that I used to use before Retrospect came out with their "Plus" version, and
slowed the entire backup process down by almost a factor of 10 because of
their "new" architecture.

Go Dantz!

Glenn L. Austin
Computer Wizard and Race Car Driver

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