I'm in contact with Ecrix tech support about this, and to answer your 
advice below, here's my answers:

>Clean heads


>Isolate device


>Change media


>Change brand of media

can't with VXA--only one vendor

>Change cable

haven't done. This cable works flawlessly with other devices, 
including tape drives. 3 foot 50 pin mini.

>Change terminator

Using Ecrix supplied terminator.

>Update/Reinstall SCSI adapter drivers

Initio Miles Bluenote scsi card uses no proprietary drivers--uses Mac 
built in scsi support in the OS.

>Update/Reinstall SCSI adapter firmware


>Remove all other backup software

Don't have any

>Try the device on another computer

moved it from B&W G3/300 to a B&W G3/400

So, I guess I'll see where Ecrix can lead me in finding the troubles.


Jim Coefield

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