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> I've got to implement overnight backups for 31 Macs, 5 iBooks and 3
> PCs, across a 10MBit LAN on a weekly basis (approximately 22.5 GB
> storage transferred a night) What am I going to need in the way of
> server capabilities (I'd like a Mac for security reasons), and will
> thin ethernet carry this sort of transfer reliably? Does anyone have
> a recommendation for the sort of storage device for this much stuff?

Ethernet will carry the transfer reliably. At optimal speeds, it would take
about seven hours to back up 22.5Gb over a 10Mbit line, and that does not
include Retrospect's preparation and comparison routines. A more reasonable
timespan would probably be more like 15-20 hours, depending on your hardware
and overall network utilization.

So, you really have to decide *when* to backup rather than *what* or *if* to
backup. If all of the computers are unused and running over the weekend, you
could do a full (or recycle) backup over the weekend and normal backups each
night of the week. Otherwise, you could split your clients into seven groups
and each night do a full backup of one group and partials of the rest.

For a 10Mbit LAN, just about any PowerPC Mac, preferably PCI, will be plenty
of horsepower; just be sure to get a backup device that will hold at least a
week's worth of data on one tape/disk. I recommend the Ecrix VXA drive, but
there are several good cost-vs.-capacity comparisons in the list archives,
so you can make your own call there.

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