I usually disable the Apple Enet when using third party cards anyway. 
The other two should have no effect on the NIC operation.

I'm wondering if the NIC was also flakey.  One problem I've found 
with Asante and Farallon is the 1 in 20 failure rates.  Both have 
lifetime warranties, so it's not that big of a deal.

We get people assigning our DNS server IP address to their machine 
about once a year.  Very frustrating.

>I had major problems with Retrospect & Beige G3 with Asante NICs & Asante
>drivers, even the latest ones.
>One of the things that Asante tells you to do is to disable the following
>extensions if you are using their NICs: Apple Enet, DNS Plugin & SLP
>Weeks later, I found the REAL problem was that a printer on the network
>was surreptitiously using DHCP...
>Bottom line:  Try Farallon but do get a packet sniffer.

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