I have a SONY AIT+ Autoloader from LaCie, and am using Retrospect 4.2 to
do network backups.

Tonight, I have to switch Backup sets.

Problem is there is an "erased" tape in the autoloader, as well as the
"1-Backup" and "2-Backup" tapes that normally go with this Backup Set.

I need Retrospect to do a recycle backup onto the 1-Backup tape and then
proceed onto the 2-Backup tape, and leave the renamed erased tape alone
for my offsite backup at the end of the week.

In the past, I have found that if Retro stumbles across an erased tape
(even one that has been renamed via the erase function) it will simply use
that as a Backup Set media, rename it, and to hell with anything else.

What is the priority of operations?  Does "Writing to any tape that is
erased or named 1-Backup" mean that Retro looks for erased tapes first, or
does it seek named tapes first and resort to erased tapes if it can't find
a named tape?

Also, why does it treat erased tapes that have been named as simply blank
tapes that it can assign to any backup set it wants?  I specifically name
the tapes so it will associate them with the proper backup set, but this
doesn't seem to matter when Retro runs unattended and loops through my

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