I have a G4/500MP which crashes in the strangest way when I use Retrospect 
4.3 to backup my 2 internal ATA drives to tape (The harddrives are: 40GB it 
came with; a 60GB IBM Deskstar - ATA100.  The Tape drives are:  Sony SDX-300C 
AIT drive; Archive DDS-3 DAT drive.  The SCSI cards are:  Adaptec 29160N for 
the AIT;  Orange Micro Grappler+ for the DAT.)  

The problem is that several gigabytes into the writing/verifying process, 
Retrospect crashes such that the spinning curser stops spinning and the 
progress bar stops progressing (until it reaches the end of either the write 
or verify cycle - at which time it updates).  The Retrospect window continues 
to stream the names of the files that are being written to the tape, and the 
tape drives continue to write the data - as indicated by the lights on the 
drives, but at the end of it all, Retrospect has brought the system down and 
I have to reboot.  

I have been trouble shooting this problem for 6 days now and am no closer to 
the solution than I was in the beginning.  I have tried 1 card/1 drive at a 
time to make sure there was no conflict between the SCSI cards.  I have 
removed RAM chips (I have 1.25 GB of RAM installed), unplugged drives 
(Internal ZIP and 60GB Deskstar), updated Control Panels, reinstalled 
software, done a couple clean installs of OS 9.0.4, run with extensions off, 
changed memory allocations for Retrospect.  The toughest part is that most 
often I have to backup anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple hours (depending 
on which tape drive I'm backing up to) before the problem exhibits itself.  
Obviously this makes trying different potential solutions a very protracted 
process.  I don't seem to have any problems with Photoshop, Quark, Freehand, 

One last thing, my G4 came with a defective power switch, which was replaced 
today, along with the logic board, and this had no effect on the Retrospect.  
Sorry this is so long, but I figured I'd get better advise if I detailed the 
problem as completely as possible.  THANKS!

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