I use a product called EtherPeek. It is a great protocol analysis app. It comes with a full suite of other network tools as well.

It is made and sold by a company called "Wild Packets." They just changed their name to this from AG NetTools recently.

On Friday, December 1, 2000, at 02:52 PM, Douglas K Wyman wrote:

28L;56L;84L;112L;140L;168L;196L;224L;252L;280L;308L;336L;Does anyone know of a Mac utility that can sniff ethernet packets to28L;56L;84L;112L;140L;168L;196L;224L;252L;280L;308L;336L;
diagnose the integrity of an ethernet network?  I'm not trying to look at
the contents of the packets, just to see whether any are being dropped or
whether there is an excessive number of collisions.

Regards, Ted

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I often use IPNetMonitor for the purpose you have described:


The single user cost is $30 with online delivery.

The tech support with this product comes directly from its author and
the response time is usually hours if not minutes.

Their online tutorial is very useful:


28L;56L;84L;112L;140L;168L;196L;224L;252L;280L;308L;336L;Finding and Fixing Potholes on the Information Highway28L;56L;84L;112L;140L;168L;196L;224L;252L;280L;308L;336L;

28L;56L;84L;112L;140L;168L;196L;224L;252L;280L;308L;336L;Anyone who has used the Internet for a while realizes it doesn't always work as consistently as we would like. Not unlike many highways, it seems there are frequent potholes, traffic tie-ups, and endless construction.28L;56L;84L;112L;140L;168L;196L;224L;252L;280L;308L;336L;

This results in a litany of questions -

*Everything was working fine yesterday, but today I can't to get my mail. How come?
*    Why is this connection so slow?
*       Why can't I access this published URL?
*How do I tell if my Internet software is working properly?

This section of the User Guide describes how to use the IPNetMonitor tools to identify, report, and get around some of these common problems.

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