I've modified the standard Retro/Eudora Applescript to email me pertinent
info from the nightly backup, but am stuck in a couple of places and would
like some help:

1.  I have both Remote and Local backups running on the server (its an
ASIP box).  The applescript logs all the remote computers fine, but
doesn't log activity about the Local backup.  I can't figure out why.  I
have modified the applescript so it doesn't describe the remote volume as
"Source Group:Daily Backup Group:Dude's Mac:Macintosh HD"--I had the
applescript remove the first two items from this description--but that
wouldn't affect it's ability to report on Local backups would it?

2. Has anyone figured out a way to get Retro to email you on the last day
of a cyclical backup that you need to swap the tapes?  I use a four day
backup routine, so on a different day of every week, I have to remember to
put in the next tape.  This week it will be Thursday, next week it will be
Wednesday, and so on.  Don't' suppose there's a way for Retro to figure
out that I'm going to need to change tapes after tomorrow's backup?

Paul Fabris
IS Manager
Market Connections Inc.
25 Sheppard Ave. West, Toronto ON M2N 6S6
(416) 223-2250 x224

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