It's not a stupid question at all, Ben! I just wish I could be more precise
with an answer.

Best regards,
Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Ben Eastwood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Yeah, I know. Stupid question... You guys work so many miracles already, I
> guess I was just hoping for one more! Thanks for the best guess and of
> course I won't call on april first saying "Eric Ullman daid it would be
> ready by now..."
> --Ben E
> Eric Ullman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 12/06/2000 11:10:42 AM
> ETA? On software? Ha ha ha! That's funny, Ben! You crack me up, man...
> ;-)
> Sorry. Couldn't help myself. I could say early Q2, 2001, but we _are_
> talking about backup software here. That means that any bug that causes
> data
> loss is unacceptable. So, whenever coding and testing is complete. Still,
> that's my best guess.
> Eric Ullman
> Dantz Development
> Ben Eastwood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> AHHH HA! Thanks Eric, that explains alot... the folder I backed up had well
>> over 300K files and the memory usage was pretty high during some portions of
>> the process. Thanks for the workaround. Any ETA on the fix?

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