Just a thought, when does it get time to copy to tape, this seems 
good in theory but I guess it could only be efficient if you can run 
multiple backup sessions in parallel. I'm not sure about the problem 
with speed, I think tape drives can keep up with network speeds 
though I can't tell you that for certain.

I do like the idea of the hard drive taking over as a fail over, "the 
backup must go on".

Thanks for this idea. I did try something like this for Internet 
backups and put to tape till the files got corrupted and I had to 
scrap the whole idea.

Lets see what dantz thinks.


>Since it seems we're on the subject of feature requests, speeds of backups
>over network to tape and so on, here's what I'd like to see added to
>Retrospect. I'll be talking about tapes because that's what I use, but I'm
>sure this would apply to any sort of backup set.
>Add an option that does backups to a holding drive instead of directly to
>tape. When the holding drive is full or the backup of the client is complete
>(whichever comes first), transfer the holding drive backup set to a tape
>backup set. After all is done and on tape, clear the holding drive.
>This would be kind of like doing a set transfer from a file backup set to a
>tape backup set, but in an automated way. This would accomplish a few things
>from my perspective.
>1) Parallel backups of multiple clients. I don't see how one could do
>parallel backups to tape efficiently, but to a holding disk is a different
>story. Once it's done the holding disk gets transferred to tape and cleared
>off for the next round of backups.
>2) Increase speed of backups. Local hard drive to local tape drive is much
>faster than remote client direct to tape. The tape drive can then run at its
>maximum speed if everything is done locally. Also allows for more efficient
>use of tape.
>3) If Retrospect needs more tapes, backups can still proceed to the holding
>drive rather than be halted completely until more tapes are available.
>So, what does everyone think? Good idea or not?
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