It looks like we fixed the problem mentioned below thanks to Mr Bernstein's
advice. We have another problem now with changing tapes. The backup starts
on tape one and fills the tape. After that, the tape bgins to rewind. This
takes about one minute. Approximately thirty seconds after the tape begins
to rewind I hear a bell type of sound coming from the Macintosh. It sounds
like it could be timing out. This is just a guess as there is no error
message. When the tape completely rewinds, the changer does not  select the
next tape. The system "hangs" for about a minute or so and then returns
control to the user at which time I can manually select the next tape and
the backup continues without a problem. We have the device timout in
Retrospect set to "never." We also have, as the manual suggests, set the EZ
17 robot  to scsi. Anyone have any advice on this issue? It seems like it is
a timeout issue i.e., the software is not waiting long enough for the tape
to rewind.


Hi all, We are trying to set up Retrospect on our server to backup about
50gb of data on to an Exabyte EZ 17 tape library. Our current configuration
is as follows: 70GB RAID 5 disk array, Apple Power Mac G3, and Exabyte EZ 17
(Mammoth I), Retrospect 4.3 with ADK 1.8. When we start the backup either
manually or through a script, the backup seems to start ok. The problem is
when the changer needs to change tapes. When this happens we get the
following error: "Retrospect has quit unexpectedly--Error 14." In most cases
we need to reboot after this. I have tried what appears to be every possible
combination of scsi ID's on the tape drive, I have tried another tape drive
(same model.) The results were no change whatsoever. I called Exabyte and
they felt that the problem "may" be in the ordering of the SCSI ID's but
they were not sure. I called Dantz and they said that there were no reported
problems with our equipment combination. If anyone has ANY suggestions I
would appreciate the help. We have put countless man-hours into this and we
still don't have a backup.

Aristotle Zoulas

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