The key here: you have to think about Retrospect differently than Backup
Exec or ARCserve.

Retrospect tracks every file copied to each backup set. So, the first time
you back up, every file that matches your criteria is added to the set. The
next time you back up (assuming normal backups -- not new media or
recycle/full) only those files that are new or different are copied.

If you want to back up more than one disk (or more than one computer), the
process is the same. Retrospect looks at each disk to see what files are
unique and are required by the backup set to be complete.

So -- another answer to your question could be: you can store as many
different backups onto a single backup set as you want -- but by default,
Retrospect will only copy unique files to the backup set.

(If you want more than one copy of a file, use more than one backup set as
Irena mentioned below.)


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> Subject: Re: multiple sets on single media?
> Hi Maxine,
> Retrospect looks at each tape as a member of a single backup set,
> so you may
> not use that tape for more than one backup set.
> One of the primary reasons for this is that allowing this would negate the
> security of having multiple backup sets in the first place. If
> your tape is
> damaged, you lose all your backup sets. For maximum security,
> have rotating
> tapes from multiple backup sets.
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> > I have a high capacity tape drive (80gb) and only about 15gb of
> data on my
> > hard disk. Is it possible to use Retrospect to create more than
> one backup
> > set on a single tape?

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