We have been moving some servers around here and one of the services that
got moved to a new machine (and a new subnet) is our Retrospect backup
software.  One of the immediate problems I found was that I could no
longer see the majority of my clients from the server.  [Actually this
problem existed before but since the server was originally on the subnet
that most of the clients were, it wasn't hard to enter the remaining
clients by address - however with DHCP and the addition of remote sites,
this becomes unmanageable].

I have 7 class C subnets that I wish to search for clients in.  The LAN is
a switched network with mostly Cisco Catalyst 2924s.  We have a Cisco 8540
layer 3 switch in place as well.  The problem is that, for good reason, we
have the layer 3 switch to not forward directed broadcasts to prevent
smurf attacks - and thats exactly one of the mechanisms Retrospect uses to
discover clients - a directed broadcast to the subnet.  We tried to get
the multicast stuff working via some configuration changes on the layer 3
switch but thats going to take some more research.

So I'm wondering if anyone has Retrospect working in a multiple subnet
environment with Cisco equipment AND with some reasonable security
precautions in place (like "no ip directed-broadcast").  Better yet,
anyone have it working with multicast, as this would be a preferred way to
do this I think.

For reference, clients are mostly Macs running 4.3 over TCP/IP, the server
is also a Mac running 4.3.



Kevin M. Myer
Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

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