Hello, list!

My nightly backup script starts at 12:01A, and is typically done by 3AM.  However, 
this morning, I came in to find it still backing up the first defined folder of my 
ASIP 6.3 server (G4, 192MB RAM), running a blazing 3.3MB/min over my switched 100B 
network.  As I watched the progress indicator, it slowly crawled along, then increased 
the number of files and megs remaining.  After about a minute, it went to "continuing 
execution", and started on folder #2.

Here's the interesting part: folder 2 backed up at a typical 75-80MB/min, while #3 is 
sitting in the middle at 18MB/min, and holding more or less steady.

IP Net monitor confirms there is no other networking load on the backup machine, and 
the server is not very taxed right now.  A similar thing happened recently to another 
client- one night it backed up at 4MB/sec, the next day it was running at full speed.

Backup server: Beige PowerMac G3, 224 Megs RAM, DDS-3 Autoloader, 100B Switched, Retro 
4.3 server, 4.2 clients.

Any thoughts from the group?
Steve Yuroff
Network and System Administrator
The Hiebing Group
Madison, WI.

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