Yet another thought about backups.

Currently we have a dedicated NT server with 280 GB of cheap IDE drives
inside. Multiple times, in a day, it duplicates the changes from critical
servers (two remotely). The changes are usually no more than 300 MB per

The duplication serves several purposes...

1) If for any reason the original server fails the data (accurate to within
4-12 hours) can be immediately published from the backup server.
2) Tape backup speeds, of the local drives, average between 360-520 MB
3) Saves wear and tear on the tape system for remote or slow backups.

Currently we are using an Exabyte EZ-17 Autoloader with a Mammoth 2 drive. I
did not consider a DLT as several years ago I learned that, when backing up
data, DLT needed to be constantly streaming data. The process of stopping
and starting caused excessive wear on the unit. Currently, I have not been
able to find anyone to confirm this has been overcome.

For workstations we use a HP DDS-3 tape drive with a Mac G3. It runs several
backup server scripts, which backup workstations daily. The backups are to
multiple files. Each backup file is reset after 2 months with a different
one being reset each 2 weeks. These are then backed up to tape monthly.

I know this has a problem of figuring out which archived tape the
workstation's data may be on. Our expectation is that, any recovery from a
workstation (not server) are files that are two months old or less, which
are continually online.

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