Todd Williams writes:

>I *think* anything after 8.1 is unsupported on Umax machines.  We had 
>a couple of S500????  When we upgraded to 8.5/8.6  The ethernet cards 
>stopped working.  It turns out that the ethernet cards were actually 
>PC cards that Umax had hacked the drivers for.  They would not work 
>under anything past 8.1.

The curious thing is, I've been running Retrospect on the S900 with an 
E100 card, OS 9.0.4, and the VXA drive reliably before switching 
machines. (Mac OS 8.1-9.1 all run well on Umax SuperMac and all the other 
clones.) I'm just trying to find the most likely source of the problem so 
I can get back to backing up my network.

Dan Knight, publisher, Low End Mac          <>

  Microsoft Windows? How 20th century!

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