Don Foy writes:

>I have experienced several network related problems when I upgrade an S-900
>with that E100 card to anything past 8.1. I suspect that the E100 drivers
>have problems with the Open Transport network changes that Apple made in
>8.6, then 9.

I hate not knowing where to begin with a problem, but the E100 card 
seemed to be the crux of the problem. I finally told my son to shut down 
my S900, pulled the E100 card, set him up with a better monitor, put the 
E100 in my SuperMac J700, hooked everything up, and launched Retrospect.

Zero problems. Whether the other E100 card was bad or needed some update 
-- well, the important thing is I'm running backup for the first time in 
over a week.

Thanks for all the hints!

Dan Knight, publisher, Low End Mac          <>

  Life is too short to use anything but a Mac." -- Roger Ebert

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