To protect data that you have already backed up, there is no way for
Retrospect to automatically erase any tape that is in the drive. If you're
doing a full or recycle backup to a different tape each night, set up your
script to do a full backup to a different set each day as follows:

Create one backup script that has five destinations, i.e., Monday, Tuesday,
etc. Create five schedulers; the first, a day of week scheduler, running
every Monday. Change the default "normal" to "recycle" (or "full" if you're
using 4.1 and earlier) and ensure it's going to the correct set (Monday).
The next scheduler will be every Tuesday, doing a recycle backup to the
Tuesday set and so on.

You will still need to ensure that the correct tape is in the drive before
the backup happens, i.e., 1-Monday on Monday night. If so you will not need
to do any manual erasing.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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> Subject: auto erase tapes
> I can't seem to find any documentation on how to have tapes automatically
> erased when a script starts. Right now the backup script requests new media
> names "xxx" or erased. How can I set up my backup script to automatically
> erase a tape? I do full backups to a different tape every day and want to get
> away from having to erase those tapes manually.
> Thanks.

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