At 7:34 AM -0800 2/24/01, Eric Ullman wrote
>Hi Jane,
>It's black, white, and orange and says Retrospect BACKUP in massive letters.
>The older version manuals were mostly white with attractive art on the
>You can always get a PDF Retrospect User's Guide from the CD or download a
>fresh one from

Ooops. I never noticed an ftp version on the CD. I appreciate that 
and the description. I've been looking for a book with a white cover 
like the earlier version. This should help narrow it down.

Thank you, Eric. You're right on the ball, as usual. And a big thanks 
to ilyes for his/her excellent description.


>  > From: Jane White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>  Reply-To: "retro-talk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>  Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 03:32:04 -0700
>>  Subject: Manual
>>  Somehow I have lost/misplaced the 4.3 manual. Would someone please be
>>  so kind as to describe the cover for me - that might help me spot it
>>  somewhere amongst all my books.
>>  It's a really stupid request but I need that manual badly!
>>  TIA,
>  > Jane White

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