The drive where the shap shots are stored is full or corrupt. I had a
similar one a while back and it turned out the drive directory was all
messed up.

> Up until recently, I was running Retrospect 4.3 on a Power Mac 9600, and
> backing up servers and workstations (I work for a book publisher) to a
> Quantum DLT8000 tape drive. A few weeks ago, however, I got a brand new
> G4/466. It's a fairly standard setup (512MB RAM, 30GB IDE HD, Adaptec 2906
> SCSI card, Adaptec 2940UW card, Virex 5.9.1). However, as soon as I ran a
> backup, I began receiving client errors similar to the following....
> -    2/28/2001 11:02:17 PM: Copying Susan McBride on Susan McBride
>      Couldn't write Snapshot, error -36 (i/o error, bad media?)
>      2/28/2001 11:22:11 PM: 1 execution errors
>      Completed: 2479 files, 1.7 GB
>      Performance: 85.2 MB/minute
>      Duration: 00:19:54 (00:00:13 idle/loading/preparing)
> This happens both during normal and recycle backups, but not on all
> machines. Each computer generates a single error during the backup. In
> addition, I receive numerous errors on my G4 (940 of them this morning, as a
> matter of fact), similar to the following....
> -   Can't read file 3Macintosh HD:Applications (Mac OS 9):Acrobat Reader
>     4.0:Resource:CMap:AdobeFnt.lst2, error -36 (i/o error, bad media?).
> These files, obviously, aren't getting backed up.
> Norton Utilities doesn't show anything amiss on the hard drive, and I've run
> other utilities as well. I have dumped preferences, reinstalled Retrospect
> (along with the ADK v1.8 and Driver Update 2.1), swapped out media, and
> recreated my backup scripts. The computer works great, except for this
> little problem. Looking at the restore options, the snapshots look fine, and
> I can restore files, even from the backups that are generating errors. But
> still, I get this error every morning...and that makes me nervous.

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