I've reset DDS-* drives by holding down the eject button for 5 
seconds to soft reset the device.  Can the same be accomplished on 
these drives????  It might save your tapes.

>I am having troubles with my VXA tapes and thought I'd pass on some 
>signs, symptoms and a warning.
>The warning: Don't powercycle the VXA drive with a tape in it. Ecrix 
>confirms that one is *likely* to destroy or lose some header 
>information and the tape *may* then be recognized by RS as ERASED. 
>There is no way to recover the umpteen gigs of info that are already 
>on the tape at this point. Let me hear you all say redundant backups 
>three times real fast right now!
>The trouble: Lost communications between the computer and the VXA 
>drive. Backup will stall in the middle for various reasons (client 
>dropped off the network, 519 errors, slow response...). RS will 
>still be trying to run the backup and I've been able to stop the 
>backup. Upon starting any backup to the tape at this point, the VXA 
>drive is unrecognized (no SCSI drive recognition while RS scans the 
>bus). I then restarted the computer, and powercycled the drive (tape 
>still in it, as it wouldn't eject using the front panel). Tape is 
>now unrecognized by RS and is listed as "erased" when it is 
>inserted. Neither RS nor ECRIX have any solution (they reviewed the 
>RS log files and their own log files from the drive), although ECRIX 
>said they thought RS was working on communications problems with the 
>drive, this was not confirmed by RS support.
>Haven't solved the communications problem yet, but if anyone has 
>suggestions, I'm looking for answers. Suspects are SCSI cables (easy 
>to check, just haven't traded them out yet).

Todd Williams   UCSD ECE Computing Support Group (858)-534-7821

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