Am having huge problems with retrieving data from my EZ17. Exabyte
documentation doesn't make any reference to MacOS at all (which could be
significant!), so would be hugely grateful if someone can point me in the
right direction.

My problem is that on retrieval I *frequently* encounter hangs. Retro claims
to be 'retrieving'. The clock stops when Retro is in the foreground, but
resumes if I click on the desktop. The Retro log gives no information. Have
left this for over an hour without generating an error message. Hang always
happens on the same files, but they don't appear to be 'bad' ie are
retrievable from other storage sets. At the same time, the Exabyte toggles
between 'read' and 'rdytape'. It looks like a 'misunderstanding' (rather
than a SCSI error?) between Mac/ATTO/Retro and tape drive.

The weird thing is that I retrieved 120gb from the *same* tapes a couple of
weeks ago with minimal fuss (<20 bad backup headers). Data was different -
webby content then, print content now - if this might be significant. There
has been, to the best of my knowledge, *no* change to configuration (Retro
Update was installed after the event).

ATTO card is at default values for timeout and PCI burst rate, whatever they

Have changed SCSI settings on Exabyte, and disabling EXB210 emulation,
without altering the problem in any way.


Exabyte EZ17 M2 autochanger; Autoloader Flash 1.7.4 / Boot 0.0.6; Drive
Flash 8ck3v02p / Boot 8BK1-V0C; 225m Exabyte AME cartridges.

G4/400mhz; MacOS 9.0.4; new ATTO ExpressPCIPSC (SIM 0163); good quality
cabling and termination

Retrospect Backup 4.3, ADK 1.8, Retro Update 2.1

Any help would be most appreciated. That confident was I of my setup that I
repartitioned a rather large RAID with 'only' tape as backup! PLEASE RESPOND


Mark James ~ information technologist
ehsrealtime ~ 7 Soho Square ~ London W1V 6EH
t 020 7878 2600 ~ f 020 7544 4700 ~

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