Hi Phil,

This error usually indicates that you are using the wrong capacity tape for
the drive or that the media is damaged. It can also indicate device or
communication problems. If your script fails on an unattended backup, can
you then run the backup successfully immediately after?

- First, try a new 30 GB cartridge.
- Isolate the device and connect it directly to the Mac.
- Change the cartridge.
- Check/replace your Firewire cable
- Change port the used to connect device to the computer
- Update/Reinstall Firewire adapter drivers.
- Finally, try the device on another computer.



Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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> From: Phil Geller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Onstream FW30 - Error 105 Device Problem
> Does anyone know what to make of an Error 105 - Device Problem?  We're using
> an Onstream FW30 drive.  The problem seems to occur only when a backup is
> scheduled, not when it is done on-demand.  Originally we were running Mac OS
> 8.6 and old FireWire drivers.  We updated to Mac OS 9.04 and FireWire
> drivers 2.5, but the problem persists.
> Puzzled,
> Phil Geller
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