I am using Retro Windows to backup a HP LH4 NT4 server with no problems. I cannot 
upgrade to the latest version (5.15) as for some reason the support for the HP DLT 
drive was dropped in that version. But 5.11 seems to be running with no problems so 
it's no big deal. A big dissapointment is the lack backup to FTP server which is so 
cool on the Mac version.

Another issue is with the Retro windows client. A Mac backup server will not back up a 
NT4 server which has MSSQL 7 installed, there is some sort of conflict. It will work 
fine with Oracle, however. The Retro Win app will run fine with MSSQL 7 however. This 
is too bad as the best thing I can think of is to use a Mac to backup your Win servers 
(boy does that annoy the Bill Gates zombies).

One more annoying thing about Retro Windows is that you cannot browse to your target 
files, you must know the path/name of your target directory. And retro cannot not run 
as a service so somebody putzing around with the server could quit out of retro and 
your backup won't take place. I think this was more or less rectified in version 5.15, 
but I'm not sure.

Currently I have no data on server 2000 to give you.

As you know Arcserve is a confusing PITA nightmare of a program and I will take 
Retrospect, warts and all, over that software any day of the week.


James Cobb
Network Manager
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On Wednesday, March 7, 2001 8:52 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>I've been using ARCserve for many years to backup my NT 4.0 Server and
>NT Workstations and long time ago to backup a Novell server.  For the
>Mac side of things though I've always preferred and used Retrospect.  I
>prefer Retrospect because it's much easier to install, use and maintain
>than ARCserve.  Both products have been very reliable though I'd have to
>say that Retrospect has proved to be a little more reliable
>than ARCserve.
>Now I'm finding myself needing to upgrade ARCserve to the new ARCserve
>2000.  However, I'd really rather drop ARCserve and switch to Retrospect
>Server Backup to perform the NT 4.0 Server (and eventually Windows 200
>Server) and NT Workstation backups.  Comparing the the two product's
>features and supported drives looks to be essentially the same.
>Anyone out there with experience using Retrospect Server Backup on a
>Windows NT 4.0 Server?  I'd love to get some feedback about it.
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