On Wednesday, March 7, 2001 10:47 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Jim Cobb wrote:
>> I am using Retro Windows to backup a HP LH4 NT4 server with
>> no problems. I cannot upgrade to the latest version (5.15) as
>> for some reason the support for the HP DLT drive was dropped
>> in that version.
>Appreciate your comments.  Which HP DLT drive is that?  We're currently
>using a Quantum DLT4000 on a Dell PowerEdge Server and are planning to
>replace that with one of the new HP Ultrium drives this summer.  I
>thought all of these drives were supported according to the
>Dantz web page.

This is a 4000 unit. The odd thing is that we use a DLT 4000 jukebox on a Mac with no 
problem, why it does not recognize this particular HP unit I don't know. I turned in a 
bug report to Dantz but have not received any workd on it.

>For the Mac's we've got Retrospect running on a PowerMac 7500 with an
>Exabyte 8mm.  I was thinking I'd still keep the two backups separate but
>move the DLT4000 to the Mac when we get the Ultrium for the Dell server.
> Comments?  We're short on capacity now with both systems and no tape
>library is or will be available.

It seems the Mac driver set is more complete than the windows one, I suspect that you 
will have no problem with this at all.

>> But 5.11 seems to be running with no problems so it's no big
>> deal. A big dissapointment is the lack backup to FTP server
>> which is so cool on the Mac version.
>I never upgraded my Mac version to do that as I didn't see a need for
>it.  Do you use that feature and if so, why and how?

We do a secondary backup to an off-site linux box for disaster recovery (fire, flood 
whatever). It creates a backup set on the FTP server and treats it like a tape, it's 
pretty cool and works well. I don't consider it our primary backup but a redundant one.

>> One more annoying thing about Retro Windows is that you cannot
>> browse to your target files, you must know the path/name of your
>> target directory. 
>Not the end of the world but something perhaps they'll address
>> And retro cannot not run as a service so somebody
>> putzing around with the server could quit out of retro and your
>> backup won't take place. I think this was more or less rectified in
>> version 5.15, but I'm not sure.
>I may look into that further.  ARCserve has a bunch of services running
>for all sorts of things but it seems like an awful lot of program(s)
>just to do a backup.

NT allocates it's resources better to a service than to a running app.

>> Currently I have no data on server 2000 to give you.
>I know of a few folks using it for workstations but not for servers.
>> As you know Arcserve is a confusing PITA nightmare of a program and
>> I will take Retrospect, warts and all, over that software any day of the
>> week.
>I started using Retrospect years ago to do Mac backups and it's always
>been so much better than any PC backup program I've used.  When they
>came out with a PC Retrospect I was glad to see it.

Yes, I am a loooong time Retro user as well, its excellent software. I hope to hell 
that Dantz does not follow the software industry's time honored practice of developing 
a killer app on a Mac and then dumping the Mac version in order to make the big bucks 
on the windoze platform. That would be a truly sad day indeed.



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