Well, comments first, solution second.

I personally use full backup on weekends and incrementals through a week.

If you are dealing with single large files that change daily, then an 
incremental would do wonderful.  (Yep, I too have a Filemaker 
database that is very large).

The idea behind an incremental backup is that it will only backup the 
files that change.  When it does so, it creates a NEW COPY of that 
file on the tape.  You can do searches for previous versions on the 
same backup set.

In my backup, On the weekend it backs up the entire database.  On 
Monday the database changes, Monday night it backs up the entire 
database again...and so on through the week.

If I discover that on Tuesday, the database got corrupted, but the 
corrupted database was backed up on Monday night, I simple tell 
Retrospect to look for previous versions of that file and wallah, it 
finds both the weekend version and the monday night version and I 
tell it to restore the weekend version.

I've used that several times to "revert to saved" after too many 
modifications were done while developing software.  Nice little 
feature of Retrospect.

Possible solution if you don't like the idea.
Now, if you'd rather just do a full backup every night to a different 
tape, I would suggest you create several backup scripts that would 
write to the tape you want it too.  I've never tried it, but it seems 
like the obvious solution.

For example.  You could set up scripts:


Each script would back up using a different Backup set and each 
script would only trigger on the day specified.   The tape is named 
the same as the backup set, so it should automatically change to that 

I personally have restored many computers after doing incrementals 
for a week.  I've had computers die over the weekend and since the 
new backup happens on weekends, that means restoring from the 
previous weekends full backups and all the incrementals. 
Fortunately, Retrospect handles ALL of that for you.  You just click 
"Restore most recent"

>I am running Retrospect to backup about 16GB. I want to do the following:
>Nightly complete backup.
>Use a different tape each night.
>Win2K server, Retrospect, 6 slot HP tape drive.
>Retrospect keeps wanting to use the same tape each night and I have to
>change a setting manually and only have one tape in the drive at a time or
>it tries to use the same tape...This is so annoying...can someone help me?
>My ultimate goal is to rotate three sets of six tapes. Each tape will have
>one nights complete backup.
>I would like this to be automated instead of having to change a setting or
>deleting backup sets etc.

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