Hello RS-Team,

First of all congratulations for the fantastic work you have done during
the last years.

I am interested in writing a local retroshare-server like the RS-nogui
running on an always-on home server like Freedombox or NAS. The
advantage of such a solution will be that it's always on and can
send/receive files 24/7.

The client for that server should be just an web interface. The second
advantage I see of such an extended RS-server is that every family
member and mobile client is able to utilize RS without any extra

The challenge I see at this project is to extend RS to allow multiple
users/client-certificates inside one RS-instance.

- Are you aware of anyone who is already working on such or a similar

- Could you give me any advice how to extend RS-nogui to enable the
handling of multiple users/client-certificates?

- Is the RS-Team interested to have that feature in the main rs-source-tree.

I tried to dive deeper into the RS-code but couldn't get far. Is there
any API-Documentation available better than:


Many thanks for your support

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