On Saturday, January 31, 2015 03:40:14 PM Cyril Soler wrote:
> The problem is that the GUI uses strings everywhere at many points, and we
> cannot patch/check them all. It's more efficient to catch them as soon as
> they arrive to the local node. The common point where this happens is the
> serialisation.

I believe the real problem is we are using HTML as transport format while we 
are not capable of rendering it safely

We should use a simple syntax for chat messages and similar stuff and use html 
just for rendering.

1) User_a type simple text ( if we really need emoticons we can give support 
to simbols like :| B) and so on, but i do prefer to have them just as plain 
text )
2) RS_a send the message as is (plain text)
3) RS_b receive the plain text message
4) received message is eventually converted to HTML by GUI_b
5) GUI_b renders safe HTML generated at step 4 

The other evil implication of using HTML as transport is that we are forcing 
all possible GUI to be capable of rendering HTML, i have experienced this 
while i developed android GUI, i was forced to use a WebView for the chat and 
this introduced a lot of complications and problems, like inconsistent 
rendering respect to th e Qt gui, vulnerabilities and so on...

I understand in the Web 2.shit era people do expect to put image and stuff like 
that in a chat but i belive this should not be a priority for RS and use HTML 
as transport is not the good way of doing this

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