As discussed internally, Davide is going to start creating the blueprint
for this feature request, so he will be the drafter. If you agree, I'm
going to take the approver role for this FR. ;-)

(FR) Startup-screen needs re-design
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Status in RevAger: In Progress
Status in RevAger 1.3 series: New

Bug description:
After choosing "instant review" on the startup screen (RevAger assistant), the 
user is offered the option to open an existing Review. But why? If there is 
already a saved review, this should be rather covered by the "scribe" mode 
already. Or is there something special about opening previous instant reviews?

Actually I think that both options offered there - the catalog manager and the 
"open review" function - should be part of the first screen, since they are not 
really mode-specific. Of course, putting all that those options in the startup 
screen would make it a bit too cluttered up, since we would have:

- Moderator mode
- Scribe mode
- Instant mode
- Language selection
- Catalog manager
- Open review

Maybe it would be worth considering a re-design of the first screen, i.e. 
offering only:

- Start new review
- Open existing review
- Open Catalog manager
- Select language

Choosing the first option would allow the user to specify the mode in the 
following wizard step.

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