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Bad English in the English translation
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Bug description:
There are a lot of warts in the English translation:

1. "The ... information is entire": you mean "complete" (vollständig), not 
"entire" (ganz, gänzlich)
2. "Protocol", "protocoling": this is a particularly bad "false friend". German 
"Protokoll" translates to both English "protocol" (as in "network protocol", 
i.e. something prescribed how parties interact in a process) and to English 
"log" (which is what you mean). IEEE Std 1028-1997 (Software Reviews) uses the 
term "anomaly list"; "findings list" would do it too, IMHO. 

Note that the term "review protocol" exists on its own and means something like 
"review procedure", which makes all those "protocols" spread all over RevAger 
even worse. And the word "protocoling" doesn't even exist... :(
3. Lots of hyphens where they don't belong: "XML-Format", "help-chapter", 
"online-help", "Review-protocol", "CSV-profile", and so on.
4. Weekday abbreviations: Mo/Tu/We/Tu/Fr/Sa/Su doesn't exist, the names are not 
even unique. It's Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun.
5. "Preview" month, year: you mean "previous" ;)

I'll provide patches shortly for some of these.

RevAger Version: 1.3RC2

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