Very good idea, Daniel. We should implement this functionality in any
case :)

In my opinion the confirm button in the language popup is necessary
because of the usability! Imagine the popup without the possibility to
confirm. Omitting the confirm button would imply the closing of the
popup after your language selection. Wouldn't this be a strange
behaviour? We have to provide a button to close the popup anyway.

But usability also depends on the individual user and is therefore a
matter of taste ;)

Changing language requires restart, but no indication is given
You received this bug notification because you are a member of RevAger
Developers, which is the registrant for RevAger.

Status in RevAger: New
Status in RevAger 1.3 series: New

Bug description:
Version tested: RevAger trunk, Revision 49
Environment: Windows XP SP3, 32bit, Java, 

Steps to reproduce:
- delete your revager settings directory, start RevAger.
- click on the language flag
- choose the desired language and click the confirm button.

Expected behavior:
- after selecting the language, RevAger instantly changes the language or 
offers the option to restart itself to make the changes take effect.

Actual behavior:
- clicking the language button in the selection gives almost no visual feedback.
- clicking the confirm dialog does not close the popup window
- the language is not switched, and no indication why this is the case is given 
- the user has to "guess", that a restart of the application might be required.

Another minor usability flaw: Why do we need this confirm button for changing 
the language actually?

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