Hm. Just exactly how gettext-commons is supposed to make the transition
to gettext easier? You still will need to replace every ResourceBundle
reference to or whatever. Which isn't _that_ bad, after all -
it's just a couple of rainy evenings..., and you just do it once :)

What's worse is that you need additional tools in your build. xgettext
and msgfmt aren't part of the gettext-commons - you need to get them
from GNU. And all of this is written in C and thus platform-dependent.
And you need them in your Ant path for your Ant build to work. And you
need those in your Eclipse builder path for your Eclipse build to work
(good luck setting up that). Long story short: all this stuff has been
designed around 1980 and has a huge impedance mismatch to Java and Java
IDEs. At least, big enough that nobody got around yet to reimplement a
compatible version in pure Java. Unlike the first conversion, you have
to maintain all this half-compatible tooling _all the time_.

I would think twice before I decided let gettext into my Java app if it
was my call.

Aside from that, keep in mind that the claim "gettext[-commons] supports
plurals properly" is just outright false. Gettext supports plurals
properly _for English and German_, more or less. There are languages
that have rules of mind-boggling complexity for the grammatic number
(Slavic languages, for example, see

JOSM uses a somewhat different approach, as they don't host primarily on
Launchpad, but use Launchpad Translations and convert them into their
own .lang file format (see
I don't really know how they actually do the conversion, however. They
also handle plurals properly (manually on top of the translated
messages, see the pluralEval() method at the end of the linked file).
Anyway, even this is a more sane approach in my eyes than introducing a
direct dependency on gettext.

Use Launchpad Translations to translate RevAger
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