Hi all,

I have (finally) implemented gettext support in Revelation, which means
that it can now be translated to different languages.

If you are interested in contributing a translation, I have included a
short description of how to get started below. Translation files should
be sent to me by email for now - I will consider giving subversion write
access to regular contributors.

I am planning to release version 0.5.0 in about 2-4 weeks (hopefully),
so to get a translation included in the next release it should be
submitted within the next couple of weeks.

Suggestions for improvements to the Revelation text strings, or reports
of typos, would also be appreciated.

To get started, first check out a copy of the Revelation source code
using subversion:

$ svn checkout https://oss.codepoet.no/svn/revelation/trunk revelation

If a partial translation file for your language already exists under po/
you can just work on that one. Otherwise you need to generate an empty
translation file based on the strings in the source code, like this:

$ cd revelation/
$ xgettext -s -L python -f po/POTFILES.in

This will generate a messages.po file. The translation file can be
edited either with a normal text editor, or by using a translation
program (such as gtranslator). Then email it to me when it's done.

Erik Grinaker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be
enthusiastic about."
                                                  -- Albert Einstein

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